Got Sperm?

Ballarat IVF


Across Victoria families of all types have infertility heartache and rely on IVF and Fertility services, and in turn, these services are highly dependent on sperm donations. Finding donors however historically has been difficult, and past attempts to generate new donors have experienced mixed results.


Employ an irreverent style of messaging that speaks directly to our demographic of men (35 – 45) in a casual and informal manner across Ballarat and Geelong, and encourage them to donate sperm via Ballarat IVF Fertility Group and make a difference for someone’s fertility journey.


Through strategic insight and a collaborative approach Grindstone was able to delivered a fresh take on how we speak about the need for sperm donors in our community. Humour was leveraged to break through to our audience and dismantle any stigma or taboo, while promoting the sharing of the ad creative beyond the paid reach of the campaign.

With a highly targeted digital campaign Ballarat IVF was able to speak directly with potential donors in a voice that felt like more of a friend than a health institution.

Data/results to come.

  • Campaign development
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Digital ad campaign management
Grindstone delivered over 350% more donor applications than our clients expected ROI.

Campaign cost per click was less than half of the current industry standard. The reduced cost per engagement doubled the campaign length from 4 weeks to 8 weeks without increasing the campaign ad budget.

Generated click through rates reached as high as 200% the industry standard at the height of the campaign.