Thinking Inside the Box



Brainstorming traditionally relies on an outside the box approach.

But the grandfather of the Bauhaus movement, Walter Gropius believed that “Limitation makes the creative mind inventive.”

There is a tension that is needed for creativity to blossom. When boundaries need to be set and perspectives collide.

To spark ideas, creativity sometimes needs a confined space to form and flare.

Next time when you grab your team together to generate fresh concepts why not try and creatively contain their thinking?

See what is possible from locking in set variables such as words, concepts, ideas, colours, notions or even budget!

I know of a major FMCG campaign that ran prominently across major nationwide outdoor locations, based off a simple animation that was developed not by the creative agency but an imaginative Media Planner armed with humble PowerPoint and an image of the client’s product.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, and often these arise by thinking within the box.