Risks &

The table right denotes some "standard" risks associated with website development, and Grindstone's typical approach to mitigating such risks. Other considerations and risks may be uncovered via the Discovery phase of the project.

Aspect Impact Likelihood Mitigation strategy(-ies)

Scope of work - additional enhancements/ functionality requirements uncovered; change of scope

  • Increased design, development, testing and project management time
  • Increased budget


  • Detailed scope of works in the proposal/charter
  • Further requirements scoped via the Discovery process and documented in the project charter
  • Effective and accurate communications between and teams
  • Thorough reviews by correct parties with sign-offs
  • Documented out-of-scope items in the project charter and communicated to the client
  • Contingency budget to allow flexibility during the project

Timelines - project blowout, missed milestones and deadlines

  • Impact is business-dependent and related to new website purpose(s). Delays in rollout may have a wide array of impact


  • Realistic timelines set and approved by both client and Grindstone
  • All stakeholders are appropriately engaged

Client reviews and approvals - delays and extended review times

  • May impact Grindstone resource scheduling, and overall timelines


  • Realistic timelines in place based on historical client review/ approval time
  • Appropriate and realistic lead times accounted for in project planning

Project teams - impacts to either the client or Grindstone project team(s), e.g. team members become ill or unable to work

  • May impact timelines and resources


  • Thorough and accurate project documentation (Charter, functional specifications, accessible designs, wireframes, communications history) available for easy handover
  • In-house resources available for handover - project management, design, development (Grindstone)
  • In-house resource available for handover - project manager / product owner (Client)

Content - changes, reductions or additions to current site content; content population of new site

  • Generation of content (article, imagery, video etc.) may take longer than expected and impact Grindstone development or deployment timelines
  • Availability of taglines, key messages etc. which may impact design


  • Identify early in the project if available / existing content should be re-developed
  • Identify blocks to Grindstone design or development in discovery
  • Content freeze

Quality Assurance - design, functional and cross browser issues arise during UAT which means increased development and fix time

  • Impacts UAT time and potentially go live dates
  • Increased bug fix during warranty period


  • Test driven development - test analyst is active throughout design and development, rather than testing post development and pre UAT.
  • Development and testing in "functional blocks"
  • Provision of sufficient UAT and bug fix lead times before go live
  • Set a "soft launch" date prior go live
  • Clear setting of roles and expectations for both Grindstone and Client teams