At Grindstone, we see
The whole being
greater than the
sum of its parts.

We design for the people.

Good design is not just about style and form, it’s also about function, purpose and an acute understanding of the people who will interact with it.

Our people first approach to creative and technical design solutions causes us to be intuitive, empathetic and collaborative. We only action ideas with meaning so our creativity has substance.

We do this by collaborating closely with you, bringing you on the journey of ideation and experimentation to bring meaningful ideas to life.

This helps us get to the heart of your challenges and into the minds of the people you want to communicate with.

After all, what is common to all customers, segments, stakeholders, consumers, audiences or clients.

Accessibility Design

Design that is for the people should be accessible for everyone.

We specialise in inclusive creative communication solutions. Accessibility design combines user experience design and content development, as well as tools and technologies that assist people with disability.

Our extensive work with government departments and NGOs has given us expertise in accessibility design principles and standards, such as WCAG 2.0 guidelines for web content accessibility.

We think that when you add like-minded people and
brands together, the possibilities are multiplied

We call this the collaboration effect.

We believe collaboration is the
intersection of capability, innovation,
insight and creativity.

It’s at this point that great
things can happen.

Collaboration Effect Diagram

Where ideas come together,
problems are solved and
unique value is added.

And all of this equals better
brand experiences.