Grindstone is known for its work in health comms and our team of health creatives know a lot about health care.

It’s important to us that we make sure we’re walking the talk by creating a healthy work environment in our studio.

So what are we doing?

For starters, our workspace is light-filled and open plan; encouraging both work collaboration and social interaction. Our team all work from sit-stand desks that boost the circulatory systems for good wellbeing and creativity.

We try and keep our immune systems boosted with a never ending supply of fresh fruit and also offer free flu vaccinations for staff coming into the winter months.

We love walking meetings, and if we work up too much of a sweat at the pool table, there’s showering/changeroom amenities also used by those of us who ride or run to work. Central to our healthy approach to the work week is our regular Thursday pilates class, overseen by a qualified instructor.

Maintenance of the healthy vibe is helped by high-quality espresso coffee and weekly bond-over-beer sessions on Friday afternoons. We are also believers in pet therapy, with our resident pup Zola on hand for a pat when required.

Plus, for the nourishment of our creative and expressive souls we seek PD opportunities outside the studio, and we have a culture code that includes in-house creative share-fests.

Grindstone has a deep understanding of communications in health services, from policy to practice. We help our health clients with integrated public, patient and staff campaigns, comms strategy, corporate, service and employer branding, digital health innovation and more.

We’re health activated, in every way.