Wurru-Ki Peer Resolution Program

Barwon Health


Grindstone was tasked with developing a logo and visual identity for an innovative new peer resolution program that Barwon Health was implementing to address workplace behavioural concerns.

Called Wurru-Ki, meaning ‘to speak’, this needed to empower individuals to achieve a resolution without the fear and potential consequences of a formal investigation and daunting prospect that comes with attempting self-resolution.

It was deemed critical that the brand we developed spoke to the easy, accessible and less formal means of addressing concerns that Wurru-Ki provides.


The focus of Wurru-Ki is on agreement being reached on a way forward between individuals. It was imperative for Grindstone to develop a thought-provoking and curiosity-inspiring campaign identity, designed around getting people thinking and talking about any workplace difficulties in a less formal way.

Grindstone’s logo development and connecting graphic device was inspired by the aboriginal symbol for two people sitting in conversation, linking the name of the program to the visual execution in a simple and contemporary style.

A campaign was then developed to integrate this into clever messaging placed in targeted locations around the hospital.


The new brand and campaign idea along with its simple call to action, “Let’s work it out together”, works seamlessly across a range of communications and collateral including a poster series, wall installation, coffee cups and an information booklet.

This culminated in Grindstone developing a custom microsite supporting the Wurru-Ki program to allow staff a digital platform for information and to register a concern.

  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Animation
Wurru-Ki is a program that provides all Barwon Health employees with a confidential and non-confrontational alternative for seeking to resolve any workplace behavioural concerns they might have in relation to any other worker.
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