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The healthcare sector has continually been improving their communication, healthcare delivery, accessibility, and efficiency through the use of digital solutions, which –  in conjunction with more traditional methods – can enhance the overall quality of public healthcare services.

Grindstone was engaged to enhance the digital presence of Eastern Health by crafting them a new dynamic and user-centric website. This project’s aim was not only to provide essential information efficiently, but also to create an accessible and engaging online experience for patients, staff, and stakeholders. We were challenged with strict timelines, migration of outdated content structures, and creating customisation of accessibility features throughout this project.


Grindstone began with an in-depth discovery phase, where our team workshopped with key stakeholders including hospital administrators, medical professionals, and subject matter experts. Through this, we gained valuable insights into the unique needs and goals of Eastern Health.

With a clear understanding of the project objectives, our design team crafted prototypes and concepts for the website’s structure, functionality and it’s clean new look. We took a user-centric approach, with emphasis on intuitive navigation and accessibility. These concepts were approved and developed into the WordPress site structure. The design and development came together to create an accessible, easy to use, and easy on the eye platform.


Grindstone never lost sight of the objectives of this project, which was to enhance Eastern Health’s capacity to provide their healthcare services and communications via a strong digital platform.

As a result, this website has not only elevated the digital presence of Eastern Health, but it has also vastly improved their online accessibility in adherence to the WCAG guidelines, ensuring an improved online experience for all users. This improvement has instilled a stronger connection between Eastern Health and its community.


Information architecture

User experience design

User interface design

Web development

Accessibility implementation

Web customisation

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