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The Morgan family’s story is deeply connected to the ancient Balanggarra Country of the remote northern Kimberley. Ronnie Morgan comes from a long line of Traditional Owners whose songlines are etched into the ancient landscape and whose intimate knowledge of the land is unequalled. Today Ronnie uses his knowledge of the area to offer 4WD tours through the incredible Northern Kimberley region.

However, the current brand and website did not effectively communicate the distinctive sense of adventure that the Morgan family offers through their remote safaris which without fail leave an indelible mark on those who share in it.


Grindstone’s approach to the challenge was to create a fresh and compelling brand and website that was as unique as the experiences they offer. There was a need for a strategic approach to setting the appropriate tone of voice as well as in the creation of a distinctive branding system that reflected the ruggedness of the Northern Kimberly Environment.


Grindstone let the Kimberley landscape speak for itself with a media driven communication strategy. Engaging photography and videos of the safari adventures take the spotlight on the website whilst a custom logo and carefully considered topographic graphic device are simple extensions of the landscape itself. The messaging speaks to our yearning for adventure and deep desire for unique experiences and is embodied in an insightful tagline ‘Find yourself in the middle of somewhere’.


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