HansenCX Campaign

Hansen Technologies


Hansen Technologies has refreshed its brand to reflect outwardly what has always been at the core of its business: a focus on customer experience.

Grindstone was engaged to raise awareness of this strong, historical focus and launch the refreshed brand. Providing a vehicle for HansenCX to strengthen its position in the market by creating visibility for the brand around its purpose.


HansenCX has been focussed on customer care since its inception in 1971. We have borrowed from genetics to illustrate this concept by introducing a new tagline ‘CX is in our DNA’ with support from a stylised double helix graphic.

This device symbolises the point of convergence between HansenCX and its customers, its customers and their customers, humans and technology - inextricably entwined.


Grindstone has reinforced HansenCX’s position as customer experience experts and introduced (and gave meaning to) the updated brand.

The brand campaign was rolled out via social media, online advertising and animated videos.

  • Brand Campaign
  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Video Animation
  • Web Banners
  • UI Design
  • Social Strategy
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