Qualiteach – Naming, branding and developing the best PD Platform for literacy teachers in Australia

Tasmanian Government


In an era driven by digital transformation, the need for accessible and effective online professional development for teachers has never been more crucial. The Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP) developed a system-wide priority focus on reading in response to a continuing decline in literacy outcomes of Tasmanian children and young people. This focus aims to improve literacy outcomes for children and young people to meet an expected reading standard that is above the national minimum by no later than 2030.

Grindstone was engaged in partnership with Deakin University to name, brand and develop an exemplar mandatory online training package that presents a comprehensive range of courses including classroom ready resources targeted to lift the standard of literacy education for teachers of Prep through to Year 12 students.


Grindstone’s team of dedicated project managers collaborated with DECYP and Deakin to collate a substantial amount of source material to inform the development process and implementation of the Qualiteach learning platform that teachers, teacher assistants, education support specialists and professional support staff across all years of schooling could seamlessly engage with.

The primary goal of Qualiteach was to create a user-centric platform that caters to diverse learners, providing a personalised and engaging experience to enhance literacy skills. The successful implementation of this structured literacy and multi-tiered system of support model would inform quality literacy instruction in all 196 schools across Tasmania.

The design phase focused on creating an intuitive user interface that ensures a seamless learning experience. Emphasis was placed on incorporating visually appealing elements and gamified features to maintain user engagement.


Grindstone collaborated closely with Deakin University academics and the DECYP project team to provide guidance and insight into how best to translate the learning modules that were being developed into an easy to use, visually appealing and fully automated PD platform for Tasmanian teachers. Our team of developers brought the platform to life under extremely tight timelines. Grindstone’s role included naming, branding, UI/UX platform design, the redesign of supporting materials as well as the entire digital development process with refinements including animations and video embeds etc.

Qualiteach successfully demonstrates how an innovative online literacy teaching platform can effectively complement traditional education methods. As digital education continues to evolve, Qualiteach showcases the potential for transformative online professional development solutions.


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