Brand Refresh

Centre for Eye Research Australia


Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) required a visual identity refresh and brand narrative to generate more philanthropic income to support its world-leading research, and strengthen its presence and reputation with key stakeholder groups.

The main focus was to develop a tagline, narrative, visual ID and style guide to create a consistent, distinct look and feel.


Grindstone focussed on creating a brand presence that excites – and builds trust with – key audiences.

With no perceivable organic public chatter about CERA, it was clear that an overarching brand strategy was also needed.

Both visually and narratively, the brand needed a more compelling emotional driver. The existing brand identity didn’t illuminate the intense compassion and genuine care that the organisation has for people in the community. The content and design solutions also needed to be invigorating and illustrate CERA’s world-class innovation and mastery.


The tagline, ‘Hope in Sight’, and complementing narrative symbolise positive ambition and instil faith.

The contemporary colour palette, thoughtfully designed pattern (blurred around the edges to simulate the natural focus of the eye), typography and distinctive photography style form a beautifully bold and confident brand presence.

To complement the brand’s new look and feel, Grindstone produced an animated logo and suite of collateral.



Brand Strategy



Style Guide Creation



One of the key branding challenges for world-leading medical researchers and practitioners is to strike a balance between ‘world-leading’ and ‘real-world’ in communications with donors and supporters.
A distinctive photographic style has been developed for CERA. It is designed to reflect a positive association to the brand as being caring, committed, credible, innovative and accessible to all.
If every touch point and interaction helps share the overarching message, 'Hope in sight', CERA is delivering on reaching both goals of the brand strategy – to increase the breadth of donors and increase the amount of funding.