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Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority


The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority was established in 2020 to manage, protect, rehabilitate, and foster resilience of the natural, cultural and heritage values of coastal Crown land and marine waters along the Great Ocean Road.

The greatest challenge for the new Authority is to balance management of the liveability of local communities and enhancing the visitor experience, with its fundamental role of protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Our challenge was to reflect this in a brand narrative and visual identity that encapsulates the multi-faceted responsibilities of the Authority to manage this “one integrated and living entity” – a rich and diverse environment that is deeply identified with by many, particularly Traditional Owners.


The discovery was a detailed process to ensure the complex nature of the challenge was addressed and many voices heard. This included surveys, focus groups and depth interviews with Traditional Owners, stakeholders and staff. This deep journey of discovery helped us develop a flexible brand framework to reflect the important and multi-faceted nature of the Authority’s work, and create deep and authentic connections with its audiences, with a compelling visual identity to match.


Intrinsically linked to the new brand pillars, the essence of the brand is to empower positive change – supporting a proactive and integrated approach to land management. The Authority’s tagline, “continue the story” honours sharing the history, values, practices and lore of the Traditional Owners, and empowers present and future generations to collectively care for the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks.

The logo is directly inspired by an obsidian flaked stone tool found on the coast, indicating this was once an ancient trade route. This ancient artefact tells the story of a rich and complex cultural and economic system deeply connected to the landscape.

Organic in form, the stone tool symbol reflects the rugged, natural contours of the land and seascapes, implying a ‘living’ entity. Despite its ancient origins, the symbol provides the foundation for a contemporary and abstract brandmark. It is both subtle and powerful in its references; striking and delicate in its features. It symbolises both the strength and fragility of this precious place.


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Caravan Parks Sub-brand

A limpet shell, eroded by time and the forces of nature; a Gorgonian coral from one of Victoria’s longest shallow offshore reefs, Ingoldsby, near Anglesea – a surprising gem.

The Authority manages several caravan parks along the Great Ocean Road including their websites and public communications.

Grindstone developed a secondary logo for the caravan parks, inspired by a limpet shell found on the coast and in Aboriginal middens. Multiple elements form a single shape in the icon, representing an interconnected family of caravan parks offering diverse experiences. Fine lines resemble the texture and contours of cliff faces along the coastline, and strongly link to patterns and meaning within the Authority’s logo.

The shell also acknowledges a living culture that gives references to past, present and future. It can express travel, trade, time, social connection, sustainability and continuity. The shells we find in our heritage places along the coast are some of the most ancient cultural relics we can see today.