Bcause Branding

Bendigo Bank


Bcause is an exciting new project of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and aims to deliver an easier way to bring NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plans to life.

The Bcause membership program features access to an online marketplace catering to the special needs and NDIS reporting requirements of individuals, carers and support workers in the Australian disability sector.

Grindstone was engaged to name, brand and design the online marketplace.


In developing the name and brand for the Bendigo Bank eMarketplace project, Grindstone needed to ensure there would be compatibility within broader NDIS and banking service landscapes.

Grindstone's approach was to empower the category through design with a fresh and contemporary brand. Enabling the mark to be transferable to the digital space to speak to it’s core consumers was important in portraying the qualities of a online membership program.

Through a series of workshop discovery sessions, Grindstone developed a strategic brand framework, encapsulated in the brand essence of ‘Bcause life is easier together’.


The Bcause brand mark represents the behaviour of our consumers interacting with Bcause in the online space. The icon is formed by digital interaction gestures tracing a ‘b’, highlighting the interactive relationship between consumers and the e-stores.

The underlined ‘b’ places an emphasis on the brand name pronunciation, whilst allowing the social good connotations of ‘cause’ to be highlighted. The lower case, rounded typography was selected to give a modern and youthful but approachable feel. The mark sets up a brand framework that translates consistently to the store sub-brands.

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  • Brand Development
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Design
The responsive brand marks combine to create a more immersive connection, capitalising on the full functionality of digital and maximising the propensity to resonate with the audience.
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An icon set was developed with friendly, rounded forms using digital gestures to portray the simple and approachable nature of the Bcause™ brand.
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