Head office signage & Wayfinding

Barwon Water


Barwon Water embarked on a significant modernisation of its Geelong office headquarters. The development greatly improved Barwon Water’s office efficiency and provides a fresh platform for the organisation to adapt to future changes.


Grindstone was engaged via an RFP process to develop a signage and wayfinding solution and oversee the production. This involved engaging with the client to understand the site aesthetics and vision for the new building. Barwon Water incorporated indigenous themes into the development, including names for meeting rooms and artwork for the building. Grindstone then designed a signage story that reflected the form and story of the space and complemented the architectural vision for the building.


Grindstone managed the production process in conjunction with our signage production partner to ensure a consistent delivery on the creative concept. A collaborative approach was required during this project with Grindstone, the architect, Barwon Water and suppliers to ensure delivery to deadline.

  • Signage Design
  • Wayfinding Strategy
  • Co-design
  • Production Management
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The signage system is a harmonious blend of nature and modern, complementing the architectural vision of the building.
The project has helped revitalise Ryrie Street, and provides a new connection to Little Malop Street, linking with the arts and culture hot spot.
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