Asbestos Campaign

WorkSafe Victoria


Grindstone was engaged by WorkSafe Victoria to develop a new creative concept for their asbestos campaign. Targeted at tradespeople, the key objective was to challenge what the audience think they know about asbestos vs. what they actually know. By raising awareness and educating tradespeople, the campaign ultimately aimed to reduce asbestos exposure and prevent deaths.


Grindstone created a playfully sinister and engaging campaign that takes inspiration from the internet trend ‘faces in things’ as a creative hook, and featured real scenarios where a tradie may not expect to find asbestos.


The campaign asked tradies to question whether they were aware of all the places asbestos might ‘lurk’ and to visit the ‘Find and Identify’ tool housed on the asbestos.vic.gov.au website. The campaign launched in May 2019.

The campaign overachieved on all set KPIs, with 5.5 million impressions reaching over 3 million people, and significant increases in website page views (47%), unique visitors (40%) and overall engagement with the online tool (71%) compared to the previous year’s campaign. This was all achieved with a reduced budget of 30% year-on-year.

  • Design
  • Animation
  • Collateral Design
  • Content
  • Photography
The initial design concepts were followed by a ‘tissue session’ with WorkSafe Victoria: an essential stage in the Grindstone ‘design thinking’ process to present to, and connect with, the client for feedback on creative direction and development.
The Grindstone team deep-dived into three ideas, honing each from a design and content perspective to form the final concepts, which included visuals, messaging and artwork in situ.
A suite of creative assets was created for digital display and print ads, social media, the website, eDMs and radio.