Asbestos campaign 3D animations



Following the success of the ‘Asbestos Lurks’ campaign produced by Grindstone in 2019, WorkSafe Victoria sought to collaborate again for the 2020 rerun. Targeted at the same audiences, the challenge was to ensure that the message would be as impactful a second time round.


What better way to capture the audience’s attention than by bringing the playfully sinister characters to life? Originally a brief to re-use the 2019 artwork, Grindstone saw an opportunity to take the creative to new heights by creating an animation. Imagine the scene: a door creaks and a fuse box starts to speak…


Transforming the photography into 3D was a complex multi-stage design and development process, alongside which new voice over recordings took place for a fresh, suitably playful and sinister, storyline. The animation has been published on WorkSafe Victoria’s, and its stakeholders’, social media channels. An extensive, multi-channel media campaign is planned in 2021.

  • Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Script Writing
  • Licensing
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Editing

Sinister smirks and voiceovers brought the Asbestos Lurks campaign to life