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Grindstone was engaged to create the Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee 2024 Report to Government.

The objective of the report is to present the Committee’s recommendations to the federal government on ways to best improve economic inclusion and create a more equal and prosperous nation.

Our biggest challenge was presenting a nearly 200 page, text heavy and complex report in a way that can be quickly and easily comprehended by readers. The final report needed to speak to the diverse audience that it is representing, while also being fully accessible.


The final design solution utilises bold typographic treatments and an isolated breakout column to highlight the key points of each page, allowing the reader to quickly scan key information without reading in detail.

A diagram for the Economic Inclusion Framework was also developed to visualise the summarised principles being presented in the report.

The final report length was considered and evaluated throughout the decision process, resulting in a final document with a significantly reduced page count while maintaining a clear information hierarchy.

Simple character illustrations throughout the report ensure people remain the focus without the need for photography.


The final report was supplied as a fully accessible PDF and Word document.

The Committee released the final report on the 26th April 2024.

At the delivery of the federal budget on the 14th May 2024, the Government announced a 10 per cent increase to the Commonwealth Rent Assistance, a decision heavily influenced by the Committee’s report.

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Accessibility design & development

Accessible PDF and Word document

Economic inclusion ensures that all people can participate fully in society, improve their economic wellbeing, and contribute to a stronger nation.