Grindstone’s people and purpose-driven approach stems from our original vision to create integrated communications with substance, that pack a punch. This hasn’t changed for more than twenty years. We are communicators and creators in equal parts.

Gratuitous overuse of the word ‘authentic’ in our industry means we’re not going to use it here. Instead, we like to say we’re the real deal. We care about making a difference for our partners, and our capacity to listen and think deeply, draws real connections for our partners with their audiences.

Design thinking is our primary tool for solving real problems. Rooted in empathy and powered by an iterative approach to ideation, this method helps us grow understanding, change behaviour, illuminate, make a case, and reframe the way people think and act.

We have a real reputation for making complex information accessible and tackling communication challenges head on.

To do this we’ve built a unique, multi-skilled team of people who apply design thinking and Grindstone’s well-honed processes to make the seemingly impossible, real.

  • Ralf


  • Jane Sefton

    Jane Sefton

    Creative Director
  • Andrew Sefton

    Andrew Sefton

    Managing Director
  • Harrison Booth

    Harrison Booth

    Account Manager/BDM
  • Sophie Aghdami

    Sophie Aghdami

    Brand Strategist
  • Roxana Sefton

    Roxana Sefton

    Account Manager
  • Chris Byrne

    Chris Byrne

    Digital Producer
  • Julia Cornelius

    Julia Cornelius

    Senior Designer
  • Hilary Bruce

    Hilary Bruce

    Senior Designer
  • Sunny Dadi

    Sunny Dadi

    Senior Developer
  • Jake Parrotta

    Jake Parrotta

  • Nishi Bhavsar

    Nishi Bhavsar

  • Rene Milla

    Rene Milla

    Consultant BA
  • Pip Thompson

    Pip Thompson

  • RIP Zola

    RIP Zola

    Top Dog